Thursday, December 13, 2012

I lived here.

So, many years ago. Many. I lived in New Zealand for six months. Or, as I now like to call it, Middle Earth. THE HOBBIT comes out on Friday. It was my favorite book as a child. My mom read it to us many, many times.

I love it so much.

Part of me doesn't want to see the movie though. You know what I mean?

This is Hobbiton. (Matamata, NZ)

What do you think? Are you going to see the movie? Will the magic of my Hobbiton be gone?


  1. So pretty! I'm sooo jealous you got to live in NZ.

    I still remember my dad handing me the book when I was a kid like it was a precious (lol) offering to the gods. He said, "I think you are ready for this." So yeah, that book was a big deal in my house too. Now my kids have read it and love it and we are going to see it tomorrow night. I'm super excited.

    1. I know. It's like the bible or something. My favorite part is when they're in the dark forest forever and ever and it's so depressing and dark. And Bilbo climbs to the top of an enormous tree and pops up above the canopy and is amazed to see the sun is still shining.

      And the butterflies! Oh, the butterflies!

      I hope this part is in the movie. *crosses fingers*

  2. I didn't know you lived in New Zealand! Right now I am as green as those rolling hills:)

    I am nervous about seeing the movie-I always am to see any movie based on a book. I have to separate the movie completely from the book, to fully enjoy the film. But when I can manage that, I fall in love with the movies as well. I can't wait for The Hobbit (Well, I can-it takes an extra few weeks to get to us).

    1. New Zealand was amazing. I was there my senior year in HS. It was my first time out of the country, my first time backpacking and staying in hostels, and my first boyfriend.

      It was lovely.

  3. Your NZ experience sounds like a memorable one! I'm going to see The Hobbit tonight (and try to not compare it to much to the novel, but since the movie has an amazing cast and NZ is gorgeous, I think I'll manage).

  4. Ooh. Glad you're going. Let me know how you like it! I definitely am going to go. I really want to take my kids (at least the older ones). We'll probably go during our upcoming winter holiday.

    Have fun!

  5. I had no idea you lived in New Zealand!! So very, very cool. And, yes, you should still see THE HOBBIT. :-)