Friday, December 14, 2012

A Conversation with my Husband about Zombies.

 THE WALKING DEAD is freaking killing me. I was up all night thinking and dreaming about zombies. Here is an actual conversation I had last night with Dustin:

Me: "If I become a zombie, I'd want you to kill me. Cause, you know, I'm already dead."

Dustin: "So if you're going to become a zombie, kill you?"

Me: "No. Only kill me if I already am a zombie."

Dustin: "How would I know?"

Me: "Oh. You'd know."

Dustin; "Ok."

Me. "Just one shot to the brain, that's all it takes. But make sure you hit my brain."

Dustin: "Got it." Also he's distracted cause he's trying to watch the news and I'm all serious, because, you know, THE WALKING DEAD.

Me: "And make sure you teach the kids how to shoot guns."

Dustin: "Okay."

Me: "Even Jane."

Dustin looks at me like I'm crazy and also he's like, cool. Guns and kids. Me: "Promise." And I'm like practically crying cause I want our kids to learn how to shoot zombies in the eye.

Dustin: "Jeez. I promise."

Me: "I know it's like 8:15, but I'm going to bed now."

Dustin: *stares at fox news*


  1. This is so funny! (And it's a good thing your kids are going to learn to kill The Already Dead, too, you never know when they're going to sneak up on you, haha)

  2. Still love this conversation...and that Dustin agreed so he could get back to the news. I couldn't make it past the 3rd episode-too much blood and guts, but if it were in book form, I would eat it up like those the walking dead eat brains and guts.

    1. It is a book. A graphic novel. Maybe you should check it out.

  3. I'm not sure I'm tough enough to handle that show, though my husband loves it--for the sake of the drama, he says. *narrows eyes* Uh-huh.

  4. Drama? Maybe. Plot? Well, running away from Zombies is a pretty simplistic plot, but--hey--it works!

  5. I'm not sure how much I'd like the whole transformation into becoming a zombie myself...maybe shoot me just as I'm about to be inevitably bitten. Maybe. Idk. Will ponder this some more.

  6. LOL! I can't stand zombie movies/shows. Freaks me out too much. I'm such a weenie.

  7. Hilarious! We love this show too! AND it totally freaks me out :) I will shoot you friend, not to worry, let's have a zombie pact just in case.