Friday, November 30, 2012

Um. There's this.

You can check out my stats, here. Also, don't think I wrote like 10,000 words the last day. I already had some notes and alternate chapters in the document and I was too lazy to take them out, so it looks like I wrote more words than I did.

I'm not that talented.

I'll tell you all about my experience later. Right now, as reward and a day to spend selfishly on myself, I'm making a skirt for ME. Also, I'm going to read a couple of books, take a week off of writing and then dive right back in.

How did your NaNoing go?


  1. WAHOOOOOOOOO!!!! Congrats, Em! Yeah, my NaNo word count also got totally bloated during the validation. Gotta fix that.

  2. Yay! isn't the chocolate incredible in the winners' circle? Proud of you for pushing through, and giving your novel some time off. What are you going to read??? Oh wait, I already know-you are going to LOVE it!!!