Wednesday, February 29, 2012

More Distractions.

So, apparently having a blog and perusing the interwebz isn't enough distraction for me. While I've managed to stay away from--what is sure to be insanely addicting for me--facebook, I am now officially tweeting (did I say that right? Gah, I feel like an old woman).

I kept feeling like I was missing something and--come to find out--I was. A whole world of witty 140 character length gems of philosophical isms. I signed up and then promptly spent the next few hours getting completely immersed in the lifestyle of fellow tweeters. Who knew that John Green reads Moby Dick in his spare time? Who has spare time?

Do you all tweet? And if so, can I follow you? As long as you sprinkle writing advice in with what you're having for lunch...I'll be happy.

What's your take? Is twitter wonderful or all encompassing, addicting, life-consuming: like crack.

Also, I'm considering these. Aren't they ADORABLE!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Day Off.

The quilt of scraps I made for my daughters' bed.
It took six months. Literally.

Hello friends. I just wanted everyone to know that I will not be writing today. Sometimes we have to take the day off. Instead, I'll be starting a new quilt (Fridays are sewing days round here). I am almost as excited for that as I am to start a new novel.

In fact, it strikes me that noveling and quiltmaking have some similarities. For example, I get really excited to write a new novel. The idea is shiny and big and bursting to get on the page. Then, it gets boring and I think about leaving it in my closet for awhile. I have to force myself to keep writing until I finally finish it.

Here's the process with the quilt: find new fabric and design idea. So excited. Cut and sew together top. Still love it. Now time to quilt (bringing the top, middle batting, and back together) SUCKS. It's sort of like revisions. Finally finish quilting. Bind. Binding's not so bad, it's at the end, you can see the product of your work and it's satisfying to get it done.

Me, binding. Oh, how I love binding!
Binding must be like the final copy edits, maybe?

So...instead of noveling today, I'm starting a new quilt novel. I'm making a quilt for my sister (king size, which is comparable to writing a fantasy trilogy) it'll take me forever. I'm hoping to finish it in June.

Here's the new fabric for my quilt. Isn't it pretty?

What hobbies do you have that remind you of writing?

Friday, February 10, 2012

When Fiction Becomes a Game.

I made this shirt yesterday:

I'm going to wear it to my daughter's school where they are reenacting The Hunger Games. That's right, you heard me. Except, I don't think they're killing anyone.

They all read the book, they got split into districts, they had a reaping, interviews and the kids who aren't tributes are stylists and mentors. Oh yeah, and they are getting sponsors from the seventh and eighth graders.

I know. Awesome.

I'll let you know how it goes. My daughter is in District 10 (they excluded District 12 for obv. reasons) and is a stylist. She wishes she was tribute, of course. But we've spent the week sewing faux leather vests and making black and white cow-patterned skull caps. I think Cinna would be proud.

Happy Hunger Games!

Also, I wonder if when Suzanne Collins wrote this book she ever thought that people would care enough about it to work an entire curriculum around it. I love it when people get nerdy about characters from books!