Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Girl With The Green Pen

This post has to start with a story, cause isn't everything a story? This story is about a girl with a green pen. And her name is Taryn. And she is one of my critique partners. And she's a genius teen, you know, like a character in a novel genius.

I met her a year and a half ago at a conference and we hooked up soon after that. My other CPs and I are all about the same age and in the same stage of life. But Taryn was eighteen and her MS blew all of ours out of the water. Also, it was clear during our class, this girl KNEW HER STUFF. We latched onto her immediately.

Here's an example of why she's so great (this is besides her editing skills and perfect query pitches). A few weeks ago I sent my CPs an email in my teenage voice. It was supposed to be funny, and I kept using teenage slang, mostly incorrectly. I told this entire story with an overdose of the word 'toads' to replace totally (as in: "He's toads hot.") Only I used it a ton, because I thought it was soooo funny. And my CPs thought it was funny and they started tweeting 'toads' in, like, ALL their tweets. And we were all so smug and funny and TEENAGERY.

And Taryn must've been in class, cause that's what she does, and when she finally got out, I got one really short text that read: It's totes.

I peed my pants. That is one of the reasons Taryn is great for VOICE.

But you should check out her new Editing business, you can find it here. You should read the testimonials because most of her clients now have agents. She's just that good.

Also, did I mention that she's brilliant?

Here's her mission statement:
My mission is to guide writers through the daunting task of revision. From idea development to editorial feedback to general publishing advice, I love working with stories and those who create them. As a nationally ranked swimer, I know the value of time, so I believe in quick responses from the first email to the last.

I am not just another freelance editor. Beyond providing an experienced and thorough critique, my secondary goal is to establish a relationship with my clients. I want to support you throughout the stressful submission process and celebrate with you upon any and all good news. Writers may put pen to paper alone, but it is through a community that the book gets finished, polished, and submitted.

See how I did that? How I made it all green cause she's the girl with the green pen? I'm practically like an eleven-year-old the way I can work around the interwebz.


  1. I toads love you, Taryn and Emily.

  2. Love it Em! Toads much! Aw, what would we do without Taryn;)

  3. Toads is toadally the word on the street now. I'll never stop using it. :-) So excited for Taryn's new company!

  4. Haha!
    (and Wow, she got a good thing going on! Her website looks really professional).