Thursday, November 3, 2011

Things I Have to Do Before I Can Start Writing.

Otherwise entitled: Procrastination.

Exercise. I know. I can’t help it. I get up really, really (I know, two adverbs) early (ok, three) in the morning to do this.

Make bed. I didn’t do this the first day and it didn’t get made for two days. I know, not necessary, but just a little something Martha Stewart taught me.

Clean up breakfast dishes. Something about the hum of the dishwasher creates a nice background noise for noveling.

Procure four-year-old playmate for Jane. The moms in the neighborhood are loving me because I’m begging them to bring their kids over. If they don’t, Jane ends up watching TV all day. Not good.

Stock desk with glass of ice water or, if I’m cold, hot herbal tea (I like the peach with sugar and milk).

Also, does anyone know how many calories the little bite-size Halloween candy bars are? Just wondering, cause I may have eaten twenty yesterday. I consider chocolate collateral damage during November.

So. What do you do to prepare for your writing day?


  1. Those bite-sized Halloween candies are evil! I wished you lived closer so our 4-year olds could play together.

  2. Me too. Four-year-olds are so much fun!

  3. Exercise...bah!
    Make bed...why?
    Breakfast dishes...can you say paper plates?
    Who needs water? :)
    And chocolate is always collateral damage in my house.

    My writing prep pretty much just requires getting those kids to bed! Ah the life of a homeschooling/psycho mom.

    And oh yeah, getting off the internet helps too.

  4. I really don't do anything to prepare for writing. In fact, I haven't written a single word in my novel today! I know, naughty me...but on my good days, I can write 1,700 words in one hour.

  5. Wow Jen, 1700 words in one hour? You're amazing. I bow down to you!