Thursday, April 26, 2012


I've been slow lately. Real slow. Drafting is easier. I can measure drafting (i.e. "I just wrote 2500 words today!"). But I can't measure revising. It's just there. A chapter and then a page and then a paragraph and then a word at a time. No counting. No red-faced, breathless typing. Just reading, making faces, fixing, experimenting and reading some more.

I need some diet coke or chocolate or maybe both. Although, I don't think they go well together.

How do you get through revisions? I need a system. Does anyone have a system? If so, please share!

Also, hypothetically speaking, if I were to come up with a dessert that involved, let's say, chocolate and diet coke, what would it be?

It's just hypothetical.

In case you're wondering, the photo is a representation of the Slow Car Movement. I thought it relevant.


  1. I totally thought that woman in the picture was naked-had to blow it up to double check.

    If you find a method let me know. I revise on paper-one chapter at a time. On the computer it's too stressful, what if I change my mind, will I still like this change? etc. This way I revise on paper (with a pencil even) and then I revise again as I'm changing in word.

    1. Interesting. I may be ashamed to admit that I have never printed out more than fifty pages of my MSs. Maybe I need to try that.

      Also, yes. I thought that woman was naked too.

  2. Omigosh, I blew up that picture too, Robin. Haha.

    No system here. Absolutely no clue. So...good luck with that.

  3. I set a deadline for myself and then divided the pages to revise by the days left. It was ten pages for a while, then it bumped up to sixteen toward the end (because I got behind). But I made my deadline!

    The most important thing I did was print my book and read it in as little sittings as possible (and only make notes on pacing or really big picture things). That was my bible for edits. If I thought the pacing was slow or too fast (which was rarely the case), I made myself fix it, even if I'd changed my mind (because in reader mode, and not slow editing mode, it was a problem).

    My first pass over the pages I worked on each day was for big picture stuff, then I'd make myself go over it 2-4 more times before moving on to the next ten pages. And each level of revision would be at a more nit-picky level.

    Good luck!

    1. Embarrassed to admit, I usually just read my MS on my kindle. Reminding me that sometimes you just need a hard copy.

  4. Hi, nice picture!

    I have a 3-step process. Before I revise I sit down and read the story in one go.(step 1)
    I change absolutely nothing.
    After this first reading I go over my paper (!) story and do the same, only now I’m making notes as I go along. (on a different paper) Something like: page 34, the scene where she talks about Christmas lights can be deleted.(step 2)
    On the third time I open the document on my computer and start revising the things I’ve written down. (step 3)
    Then I start again at step 1.

    1. Wow, wonderful advice, Irene. I like that you have a system. I think I would do better if I had some sort of system like that.

      Thanks for the ideas. *am taking notes*