Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Post Traumatic Critique Retreat Disorder.

Robin, Ilima, Me, Taryn, Katie
We are enjoying a dinner at a Winery from my novel.

These amazing writers are my critique partners. We met less than one year ago at WIFYR. Since our amazing class with this lady, we have emailed each other nearly every day. That's right, every day. I don't know what I did before these girls made my inbox implode. We have written hundreds of thousands of words together. We all wrote NaNo together. We've argued over each other's first pages, first chapters and characters' flaws. We have fallen in love with each other's love interests. Right now, I have an ongoing crush on Theron, now Kai, Lancelot and Blue. And as soon as I start Robin's NaNo, I'm sure there will be another.

We've cried in front of each other. Talked on the phone. And tweeted (did I say that right?). I was so happy when every one of these gals answered my invitation for a Writing Retreat with a resounding YES.

We spent this last weekend writing, eating chocolate, talking way too much about fictional characters and caring too much about made up stories.

And we just get it.
We understand what it means to be an artist and a writer.
We know what it means to dream.
We love something we can't stop, even if we tried.

So, I'm toasting my friends with a blackberry Italian soda with a little cream and lots of ice. Thank you for coming and imagining with me.

And, no, I can't tell you the name of the winery. We don't want another Forks on our hands, do we now. Jeesh.


  1. I'm having full-blown Post Traumatic Critique Retreat Disorder too. And I didn't even get to taste your Italian sodas! *sighs*

    Thanks for being a shoulder to cry on, for being a fantastic chef and hostess, and for getting us all together. It was totally therapeutic after all those emails!

    1. You're welcome. So glad you came and forced me to watch 'Like Crazy,' which was, like, crazy. Also for the intervention on my first chapter. It thanks you.

  2. Ha! I got an Italian soda :) That sounds dirty. I don't think that soda was Italian. *waggles eyebrows*

    Ok I need sleep. My body is very confused by all the time changing and stuff.

    1. Mmm. Italian Soda (in my Homer Simpson voice)

  3. Best Writing Retreat I've ever been too:) I missed out on the Italian soda, though. Next time. . .

  4. :( I miss you guys.

    Beautiful post, Em. You are truly an artist. (Just keep telling your husband that). :)

    1. Side note to everyone about this comment. When I started writing my husband was like, "Oh. Now I GET you. You're an artist." Apparently that cleared up a lot of things in our marriage. He no longer expected me to pay the bills on time...I was doing ART! For gosh's sake!

      Miss you all too!

  5. It's seems like you ladies have an amazing thing going on (and had a fantastic weekend)!
    I also think your husband's reaction is beyond sweet :-)