Thursday, August 25, 2011

Finding Time and Feeling Guilty

Ponyo: Jane's favorite show.

Confession: I let my youngest daughter watch TV. The older kids don’t know, they’re at school. They are only allowed to watch TV on Fridays. But Jane, my youngest, basically gets to watch as much TV as she wants.



Yes. I feel guilty about it. Yes, I do supplement it with bike rides in the backyard (the ones where I watch in the shade from my laptop and she rides around and around the loop). I do occasionally shout out things like, “Nice job Jane,” and, “Be careful around the corner.”

Am I a bad mom?

What do you do to find time to write?

P.S. Don’t tell the other kids about the TV.


  1. My kids love Ponyo too! I'm still trying to figure out how to write with kids. It seems like every time I think I've got it, they hit another stage and I have to figure it out again. Sigh. Ideally, I get up early and write for an hour or so (but that requires going to bed at a reasonable hour). Then if there's time during the day, I write but I don't stress about it. I've heard lots of pretty famous authors talk about writing and mothering and they all seem to agree it's a balancing act and very personal. But the all agree as well that both writing and parenting are important.

  2. Finding a balance between writing and parenting is not easy! I spent some time this summer writing while my sons played and would occasionally break up their fights. I felt bad, but now that they are back in school it's easier.
    Maybe Friday's are the best time for you when your older kids are watching TV...

  3. Jenilyn, I agree with you. Just when I think I have it figured out, everything changes.

    And Jennifer, that's a great idea! Friday afternoons are my favorite because EVERYONE is happy having a guilt-free TV-fest. And being back in school has helped a ton!